Kris Jenner dishes on Kylie’s new pad

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27 February 2015

Kris Jenner has spilled the beans on daughter Kylie's new house.

The 17-year-old has just splashed out a cool $2.7 million (R31 million) on a mansion in the exclusive Calabasas, California gated community The Oaks.

And while she won't be moving in until after she turns 18 on August 10, that leaves plenty of time for her to put her own touches on the place, her mum has revealed.

'Kylie has her own vision on how she wants her home to look'

"You know she completely has her own style. Kylie has her own vision on how she wants her home to look. She has a few months now until she moves in to really take her time and get it together... so she will really embrace that time... and get really creative," Kris Jenner told E! News, adding that her daughter is "really excited".

While it will mark her first time living on her own, Kylie won't be short of family members nearby. Sisters Khloé and Kourtney both live just one block away, while mum Kris isn't too far either.

And Kris revealed she’s only too happy to help Kylie come up with the design for the interior of the home. And in true Kardashian-Jenner style, she is encouraging the youngster to be “as creative as possible”.

"I think it's so important to make a lot of lists and really plan out what you're doing and what order it should be done," the 59-year-old explained. "Kylie is doing some new floors, so we are choosing those now. It's exciting to help someone set up a home... it's a great education because she is really gets to develop a whole new set of organisational skills."

Speaking of her youngest child’s style, she calls Kylie the more “edgy” one of her siblings. And she says this will be reflected in her design choices.

“Kylie is more edgy. She likes more blacks and greys and Kim [Kardashian] likes more cream colours. Kourtney is very neutral and Khloé is big on white colours. I like all of it like – thrown in a mush pot is my style!"

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