Kris Jenner: Kanye West is anally tidy… just like my whole family

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13 November 2015

Kris Jenner gets on really well with Kanye West because he’s so “anally tidy”.

Her daughter, Kim Kardashian, wed rapper Kanye in May, 2014. Following their wedding, the stars spent months living with Kris, along with their young daughter North, as work continued on their own house.

Kris insists claims of her clashing with Kanye are false as his personality is so similar to her own.

'Kanye and I get along really well'

“Kanye and I get along really well,” Kris (60) told Britain’s Evening Standard newspaper. “He’s anally tidy — exactly like the rest of us. If you go to any of our homes, you’d see. Khloé’s pantry should have its own Instagram page.”

Kris has been paramount in the success of the Kardashian and Jenner brands. Trademarking the term ‘momager’, Kris has a close personal and professional relationship with her five daughters and son Rob.

The Kardashian family certainly divide opinions in the celebrity world, but Kris is adamant her brood’s message is one of empowerment.

“I see us as women who work hard,” Kris continued. “We want to do it all, we want to have families and we want to empower other women — men, too.”

Rarely a day goes by that the Kardashians are not faced with a negative comment or two.

But Kris has learned not to let it worry her, and her children have also adopted the same strategy.

“There’s nothing anybody can say that we haven’t heard,” she said. “We don’t pay attention. We’ve chosen to take the high road.”

Kris has been hitting headlines in recent months thanks to her ex-husband Bruce Jenner’s transition into a woman, renaming herself Caitlyn.

But Kris is doing her best to move on from that part of her life and is now in a happy relationship with toyboy Corey Gamble.

Kris is frequently pictured looking entirely enamoured with her 35 year old beau, but admits there is one thing about him she’d like to change.

When asked if she had ever thought about asking Corey to change the first letter of his name to a ‘K’ to fit in better with the family, Kris replied: “That’s a really good idea!”

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