Kris Jenner’s mixed feelings over TV drama

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14 May 2015

Kris Jenner’s “feelings are truly mixed” on a new TV show about O.J. Simpson’s murder trial.

Ryan Murphy’s true crime anthology series American Crime Story will look at the former actor’s infamous murder trial following the death of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Kris and her late husband Robert Kardashian were close friends with the couple and so it’s no surprise that the 59-year-old has some trepidation about it coming to the small screen.

“[My] feelings are truly mixed, it was such a tragic story,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “It's something that you know you'll never be able to get over in any kind of a way where you don't think about it all the time.”

'Nicole was so dear to my heart'

Nicole was killed at the age of 35 in June 1994. Her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, was tried for her murder with Kris’ own ex, Robert Kardashian, serving as a member of the former athlete’s “dream” defence team. He was eventually acquitted after a lengthy trial.

“Nicole was so dear to my heart, and I think about her and have such great cherished, treasured memories forever in my heart,” she continued. “When these things come back up, it's like it was a minute ago sometimes.”

Kris will be portrayed in the series by Selma Blair. Meanwhile Robert Kardashian will be played by former Friends actor David Schwimmer and O.J.Simpson will be taken on by Cuba Gooding Jr. While the matriarch has mixed feelings about the drama, she is happy with the casting and Selma portraying her.

“I think she’ll do a great job,” she smiled.

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