Kristen Bell: I hated my name

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22 February 2015

Kristen Bell used to want to be called "Smurfette".

The 34-year-old actress tied the knot with Dax Shepard in 2013 after six years of dating and the couple are now proud parents to daughters Lincoln and Delta.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, Kristen discussed how alike she and her eldest tot Lincoln are and gave fans an insight into how she was growing up.

'When I was about three and a half I said, 'No more, you will call me Smurfette or nothing at all'

"Yeah, we're both very bull-headed yet rule followers, and that's how I was as a kid. Like I was very a good girl and a goodie goodie, but I was also entirely awkward. I used to want to eat my food next to the dog but with my face, and it was like, that was the only way I was gonna eat dinner. And my parents kinda just put up with it," she grinned. "I know I'm gonna receive some of this from my kid... I hated the name Kristen when I was little. When I was about three and a half I said, 'No more, you will call me Smurfette or nothing at all.' And my parents were like, 'Well, we'll see,' and then there was a couple of weeks where I didn't answer to anything else, which is dangerous when you have a child in the playground and you say, 'Kristen, come here,' and nobody runs to you!"

The star also went through a phrase of wanting to be called Annie following the release of the hit 1982 film.

Conversation then moved onto the unusual names she and Dax gave their little girls. It turns out the funnyman chose the moniker for Delta, who they welcomed into the world in December last year. But it was a rather spontaneous decision.

"He'd gotten a jokey text from like, a friend, who said Lincoln was kind of like a baller name and what are we gonna name this one, Delta Force? And then we were like, wait a minute, Delta's a great name, and then he was really shocked to hear that there was a woman named Delta Burke [actress]... [Dax] had no idea who she was! He thought he made [the name] up," she laughed.

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