Kristen Bell: I’m done having babies

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17 February 2015

Kristen Bell is finished having children unless she “accidentally” falls pregnant.

The Veronica Mars actress has two daughters, 23-month-old Lincoln and two-month-old Delta with her husband Dax Shepard. While Kristen loves her little family unit, she has no plans to expand her brood any further.

“No. No, no. We don't want to be outnumbered," she quipped to Ellen DeGeneres. "Until, I suppose, I accidentally get pregnant and my third child watches this clip and realises that he was an accident. Sorry, honey. No, but we're gonna cap it at two."

'No, but we're gonna cap it at two'

The 34-year-old married fellow actor Dax in October 2013 after giving birth to Lincoln in March that year. And with three girls in the house, Kristen admitted that her spouse already feels overwhelmed by women.

“He likes to say he never thought he'd be surrounded by so many women and not having this much sex," she laughed.

Dax (40) recently visited Ellen's chat show himself, and made the audience laugh discussing how his wife was “completely disassembled" during the C-Section she had with Delta in December.

While Kristen admitted her other half can be “very dramatic” she did admit it was an interesting experience for her.

“To be honest, my perspective was - as someone who has never experimented with drugs - I really enjoyed it. It was kind of a wonderful experience for me," she added. "While they were doing it, I actually thought, 'What else could we get done down there? Maybe lengthen the shins? I've always wanted to be like 5'7". Just anything to keep the epidural flowing."

But once the drugs wore off, Kristen wasn’t having such a nice time.

“I'm sitting in my hospital bed and I say to Dax, 'Well, I think the epidural has finally worn off,'" she recalled with a laugh. "And he looks over and I am scratching holes in my face like a meth addict, and I'm like, 'I think it might be time to re-up. I don't know, um, it's definitely worn off.'”

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