Kristin Chenoweth asks fans to pray for her after head injury on set

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07 August 2014

Kristin Chenoweth is awaiting MRI results following another health crisis.

Kristin Chenoweth is awaiting MRI results following another health crisis. In 2012 the actress was rushed to hospital after she suffered a head injury on the set of The Good Wife. It left her with a skull fracture and rib, neck and hip issues, with Kristen having to learn to slow down as she couldn't keep up her usual pace. She is now battling other problems and although she hasn't elaborated on them she has asked fans to keep her in her thoughts. "Back in la. Unable to move. Numbness and tingling in arm. Going to cedars dr tomorrow. Ah anyone who prays please do!" she tweeted, before posting a follow up in the early hours of this morning.

  "Waiting on MRI results. No matter what I will be ok. Thanks everything for praying and sending good vibes. #thinkingpositive (sic)."

Kristin had been out of town for a while and was in New York City last week when she appeared on TV show Watch What Happens Live.

It's unknown if she is experiencing complications following her 2012 injury, which saw her struck on the head by a piece of lighting equipment. During a talk show appearance in September that year Kristin opened up about what exactly happened.

"Basically a big lighting thing... fell and hit me. Knocked me out, knocked my face and slammed me down to the ground... The back of my head got hit on the curb... I had a skull fracture, rib issue and neck issue and a hip issue.

"I'm issue-ridden, but I'm getting better," she said on Live with Kelly & Michael.

"I couldn't really form a sentence really well after it happened. I'm the queen of multi-tasking. I'm not so good at that right now. I'll be like, 'Mom, are you talking on the thing that you push, the phone.'"

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