KStew: I need my mind and spirit back

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17 January 2015

Kristen Stewart wants her “mind and spirit and body back”.

The 24-year-old actress was 17 years old when she rose to heavy fame in the Twilight movies, with her life quickly falling into the limelight. Now she says that after a couple of years of back-to-back films, she’d like to take some time to herself.

“I worked for a solid two years and I definitely need my mind and spirit and body back,” she told Matt Lauer during her interview on the Today show in the US. “So right now I’m just home in L.A. I’m from Los Angeles, I love it there.”

The brunette beauty also opened up about the concept of notoriety in Hollywood, explaining she doesn’t think it’s for her. Although she enjoys acting, Kristen sometimes feels like the industry has a transactional nature when it comes to celebrities.

“Things blew up for me at a pretty young age, at 17 and … yeah, I love talking about the work,” Kristen said. “It’s bizarre, things become sort of like you’re selling something, and I’ve never been into that notion — I like sharing things.”

She’s always kept quiet about her love life in spite of her previous high profile relationship with Robert Pattinson. According to her, it’s much more natural for her to remain low key on such topics because she’s not inclined to be extroverted.

“I don’t know… I’m a fairly internal person; most actors are performers and I’m not like that,” Kristen admitted.

She can next be seen starring alongside Oscar nominee Julianne Moore in Still Alice, released on January 16.

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