Kurt ‘in more pain than anyone thinks’

By admin
11 July 2013

Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren has 11 broken ribs – not eight as was previously thought, his manager, Louis van Wyk, said this afternoon.

Because of the swelling and discomfort Kurt has been experiencing, X-rays were again taken this morning. The second X-ray showed he’d broken nine ribs on the right side of his chest and two on his left.

Some of the broken ribs were broken in two places while others were splintered.

“Kurt is in more pain than anyone thinks,” says Louis. “He’s in a lot of pain, is breathing with difficulty and has double vision and short-term memory loss as a result of the hard knock on the head he suffered in the motor accident.”

Kurt is wearing an eye patch because one eye is squint and Louis says although the damage to the eye nerve isn’t permanent, it could take months to heal and might require an operation. Doctors are carrying out tests on the eye.

Louis says Kurt will perform again as soon as he’s recovered from his injuries. Some of Kurt’s performances booked until the end of July haven’t been cancelled; they’ve been postponed to a later date.

-Hilda Fourie

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