Kylie Jenner: I won’t go wild

The reality TV star celebrated her 18th birthday last month and admits it was a bittersweet occasion. After the celebrations in Mexico were over, she felt “kind of sad” not least because the weight of public scrutiny is so great.

"I feel like people are also expecting me to just go wild now, as if I've been holding back. But I'm still the same girl that I was the last month, when I was 17,” she wrote in a post on her new website today. "I'm still growing up, learning and making mistakes, just like any other teenager would – yet millions of people are watching and judging me. That's the part I don't know if I'll ever get used to."

'Millions of people are watching and judging me'

Kylie’s changing appearance has hit the headlines a great deal recently. After weeks of speculation she finally confessed she’d had work done on her lips, and this week she was forced to deny rumours of breast augmentation.

She has been sporting a grown up fashion look for the last few months but she insists she hasn’t been wishing her younger years away.

“Its funny when I think about people see me. Everyone thinks that I want to be older than I am, that I've been in some huge rush to turn 18. But in a weird way, turning 18 was kind of sad for me. Sad, but exciting at the same time; it's a milestone (sic)," she added.

Kylie certainly seems to be embracing her new adulthood and went public with her relationship with 25-year-old rapper Tyga around the time of her birthday, but living her life in the public eye can be hard at times.

“[I was always] the baby of the family, now there's a whole lot more responsibility that goes along with life,” she continued. “People are expecting more out of me and that's overwhelming and nerve-racking.”

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