Kylie Jenner's hair colourist shares transformation secrets

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09 October 2016

Kylie Jenner’s "sleek and thick" hair didn’t break when she bleached it bright blonde.

The 19-year-old star unveiled her platinum locks on Instagram at the beginning of September, 2016 a stark difference to her natural dark tresses. She admitted not long after the transformation that she never anticipated her hair would lighten so much, but luckily no damage was done.

"Usually when you go to wash your hair after a major bleach process, there's a lot of shedding and broken hairs start to come out - it causes you to lose elasticity in your hair," Kylie's colourist Priscilla Valles told Allure. "But with Kylie, none of that was happening. Read more: Kylie Jenner ‘didn’t mean’ to dye her hair platinum blonde "When everything was finished, we went outside and it was truly the perfect white silver platinum. I think it came out so good because most of hair was pretty much virgin - except for the ends where there was previous dye. She just has really, really healthy hair. And a lot of it. It's really sleek and thick."

The hair expert used blonde multiplier Olaplex to get the finished colour and, like Kylie, points out that she didn’t expect the change in shade to happen so dramatically. Priscilla last tended to her client’s tresses a year ago when it was a honey blonde, which is what they had planned to do again this time round.

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They shunned the trend of dark roots too and applied product all over, with Priscilla noting the star’s dark eyebrows work magic against her lighter locks.

"Once we decided it was going to be platinum, I used a Redken toner with a lot of blue, silver, and violet tones in it - and kept on her hair for about 25 minutes,” Priscilla added.

"I left Kylie with an Olaplex mask, but we're doing toners every two weeks to keep it nice and silver, because when you wash it, the blonde gets faded and yellow.”

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