Kylie Minogue hints at adoption

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09 January 2014

Kylie Minogue still thinks about having a child and admits she would be open to adoption because there are "many ways to have a family".

Kylie Minogue has hinted she would consider adoption.

The 45-year-old singer split from Spanish model Andrés Velencoso in 2013 after five years together, but is hopeful she will find love again and be able to start a family and would be prepared to open her home to a youngster that needs one.

"There are many ways to have a family. I would love one in the future."

The In Your Eyes hitmaker has often spoken about her desire to become a mother and admits that her battle with breast cancer in 2005 left her unsure about her ability to have children.

Quizzed about her introspective song Flower and its references her feeling broody, she said: "That was written in 2007, but going through cancer means there's a lot of unknowns - whether you can or can't have children. Cancer doesn't happen and go away and you're done with it.

"For a woman, everyone's story is different. Here are a million different versions of a cancer story but, for me, that was something I had to being to accept back then, which is not what you want to expect."

Kylie - who is a coach on the new series of The Voice UK - also spoke about her feelings on ageing and insists she doesn't let herself feel pressure about getting older and will keep wearing skimpy stage outfits until she feels it's no longer "appropriate".

She mused: "I hope not because that's going to be impossible. It's as much pressure as you allow it to be, I suppose. It's the nature of the game, really. Yeah, I could decide to let it all go, become feral and live life like that, but I'm not ready to yet. I like what I do and I like to still be glamorous and wear crazy stage outfits and stuff. But I just hope when the time comes that it's not appropriate, I'm pretty confident that I'll feel it ... I'm kind of just going with my instincts at the moment."

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