Kylie Minogue is 'too noisy'

Kylie Minogue sometimes tells herself to shut up on stage.

The 46-year-old singer is still going strong and her Kiss Me Once Tour will kick off on September 24 in Liverpool, England. She absolutely loves performing and admits she sometimes has to remind herself not to get carried away. "I love the moments on stage - and this has happened many times, when I've hit my flow and I've felt an incredible connection with the audience, and I start chatting away to them and a little voice in my head says, 'Hey, you're not in your lounge now, get on with the show,'" she laughed to British magazine Hello!

'Hey, you're not in your lounge now, get on with the show’

"But I love it. I love the times when there's no plan, when I suddenly get someone up on stage and I do impromptu stuff and in the microsecond I'm doing it I have no idea whether it will work, but I'm like, 'Here we go.'"

Kylie will be busy with 40 shows in 15 countries, finishing up in Australia in March 2015. However, she doesn't use this as an excuse to request ridiculous things for her rider. Instead, she keeps it simple with smartwater, a juicer and a coffee machine. She also likes scented candles, because her dressing room is "sacred".

Kylie has had an amazing career, starting off on Australian show Neighbours and going on to make a name for herself as an international star. However, that doesn't mean she's ready to take a break.

"I look forward to whatever music is in my future, whatever films are in the future, maybe I'll direct in the future, there's a bit of a director in me already, so that could be in my future, maybe I'll do theatre," she listed.

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