Kylie Minoque: Behaving like a teen is fun

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18 September 2014

Kylie Minogue loves behaving like a teenager.

Kylie Minogue loves behaving like a teenager. The 46-year-old singer admits she struggled to get back in the dating game after she and male model Andres Velencoso decided to end their relationship. But now she is making the most of the single life, and loving every second.

'I may be 46 but I still behave like a teenager now and then'

“I may be 46 but I still behave like a teenager now and then,” she said in an interview with the Evening Standard’s ES Magazine. “It took me about a year after the split. For a while, I didn’t want anything or anybody. I just wanted to be on my own. And then, a few little sparks here and there. It’s fun.”

However, Kylie admits that when she does go on dates, she makes sure to leave her alter-ego at home.

In fact, the star prefers to keep her on-stage personality hidden until she gets to know her date.

“I have had my moments, that’s for sure. But if I go on a date with anyone, I tend to take things the other way. I won’t present that hyper-sexualised side of my character; in fact, I play up to a persona that is the total opposite,” Kylie explained. “And for anyone to have the remotest chance with me, they have to understand that wanting to be with that side of things — that celebrity Kylie — is not going to work. What’s the Rita Hayworth line? ‘They go to bed with Gilda but they wake up with me…’ ”

Kylie will soon be hitting the road once again for her Kiss Me Once Tour. But the pint-sized songstress won’t be taking advice from fellow singer Miley Cyrus as to what to include in the stage show.

“She was like, ‘You should try twerking.’ ‘Mmm,’ I said, ‘I’m not sure that’s for me.’” she recalled.

“But there isn’t a cut-off point for that stuff. Certainly no cut-off point for a woman to feel like a woman. I certainly hope not, anyway. That onstage persona is a magnified representation of who you are. Of who I am.”

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