Lace underwear banned in Russia

By admin
05 April 2014

A new law set to come into place in July bans the use of non-natural material in the production of underwear in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. So no more lace undies!

Lace underwear has been banned in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The countries - which are all part of the Eurasian Economic Union - are set to be bound by new trade laws this July prohibiting the sale of synthetic lingerie.

The law aims to improve product quality and reduce production using substandard materials but the way it's worded means it will include all underwear made from non-natural material.

The ban has caused uproar amongst Russia's retail owners who will have to dispose of up to 90% of their stock by this summer.

Women in Kazakhstan have already been detained for protesting against the ban.

- Bang Showbiz

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