Lady Gaga: Fashion is my armour

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19 March 2015

Lady Gaga views clothes as her “own personal armour”.

The 28-year-old singer depends on stylist Brandon Maxwell to find her wild outfits.

And Gaga loves outrageous looks because wearing extravagant clothing empowers her.

'Fashion for me, is an armour that makes me feel strong'

“I’m really just the punk sitting in the corner at the fancy party because you know me, I don’t like Hollywood so much, so for me it’s a sense of my own personal armour,” she shared in a joint interview for The Hollywood Reporter magazine. “Fashion for me, is an armour that makes me feel strong. It makes me feel safe.

“We’re not just creating fashion as a look, but it’s an entire experience. It’s our life.”

Brandon featured with Gaga as part of the publication’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists issue.

Gaga performed a Sound of Music tribute at the Academy Awards last month, but while millions tuned in to watch her on stage, stylist Brandon wasn’t one of them.

“He gets too nervous that my t**s are going to fall out, so he doesn’t watch,” she laughed.

Gaga has become a fashion icon over the years for her eccentric style.

And Brandon opened up to the publication about what he thinks makes Gaga so appealing.

“I think what’s appealing about you to so many people, is your ability to be able to wear so many different looks and be so many different people within the same day,” Brandon said.

Other names to appear in THR’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists issue include Petra Flannery, stylist of Emma Stone, Ilaria Urbinati (Bradley Cooper) and Kate Young (Sienna Miller).

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