Lady Gaga's journey of self-discovery

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23 September 2014

Lady Gaga found her inner "fighter" while recording Cheek to Cheek.

Lady Gaga found her inner "fighter" while recording Cheek to Cheek.

The 28-year-old popstar has teamed up with musical legend Tony Bennett to produce the jazz album, which is out today.

She admits the time prior to making music with the 88-year-old was tough, and credits the process with helping her rediscover who she is.

"But you know who I found? I found the Italian girl who was 18 years old and was ready for anything," she shared with The Wall Street Journal.

"I found the fighter. I found her again. In this business, you go through all these obstacles and challenges and become like a hardened shell. I had to break through all of that to be able to be authentic when I was singing. Sometimes you have to dig really deep."

The singer was feeling jaded about the industry she is in due to a lack of authenticity and integrity. However, channelling the jazz goddess inside of her opened her up to a whole new world.

"Yes, I feel happier. I was starting to think there was no elegance left in this industry, no charm. I thought there was no gravity, no authenticity. And then I worked with Tony," she smiled.

"When I walked into the studio, everyone stood up for me and he was always dressed so beautifully and told me I looked lovely. I've never been treated that way. It was Tony's kindness that made all that jaded, aggravated and cynical part of me that had grown over the years dissipate. Now there's just beautiful."

And it seems Gaga is truly loving her life again. On Wednesday she took to Twitter to show how grateful she is for everything she has. "Spent a lot of time crying today, happy tears, but many. I can't believe my life. Being able to buy nice things, travel, it's overwhelming," she wrote.

  "Some days it hits me so hard, reality, I can't express my gratitude enough to monsters+team for believing in me. U changed my families life. (sic)"

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