Latest development in battle over Joost's will

By Jana van der Merwe
12 July 2017

"It is true. The family decided not to continue with the matter."

The late Joost van der Westhuizen's legal team will no longer challenge the validity of late rugby legend's last will and testament.

They informed his estranged wife, singer Amor Vittone on Tuesday, five months after he died as a result of motor neuron disease.

According to the 2015 will, the couple's two children will inherit everything and Amor will inherit nothing.

According to Amor's legal representative, Sean Hefferman of LP Baartman Attorneys, Joost's lawyer Ferdi Hartzenberg only informed him on Tuesday afternoon that they will adhere to the decision made by the master of the court.

Odette Schwegler, the Van der Westhuizen family spokesperson, confirmed on Wednesday morning to YOU that the family gave Hartzenberg the order to do so.

"It is true. The family decided not to continue with the matter," she said.

"The Master of the High Court has not accepted Joost's last will and testament because he was physically unable to sign it himself and it did not, as such, meet the legal requirements to be considered binding.

She said the family had decided not to approach the High Court to have it declared valid.

"The principle difference between his last will and testament and the original one is that, Ms Vittone was the beneficiary of the original will and their children, Jordan and Kylie, the beneficiaries of the latter."

Joost had essentially left everything to the children. His children remain the beneficiaries of the Trust. The trust pays a monthly income to Ms Vittone as maintenance for the children."

This revelation to Amor's camp came after YOU followed up on a Pretoria News report on Tuesday morning, in which Hartzenberg was quoted saying he would abandon the urgent application. Hartzenberg neither confirmed nor to denied to YOU.

The urgent application was brought after the master of the court had set aside Joost's last will, drafted in September 2015 without Amor's knowledge.

This was because Joost did not sign it and did not meet the legal requirements.

Amor's camp said on Tuesday about the report: "We are not aware of it or aware that Joost's family had buried the hatchet; According to us, the will is still contested."

According to Hefferman, he approached Hartzenberg, who then conceded to him that he would adhere to the ruling by the masters of courts, which says that the will Hefferman submitted and which was signed by the estranged couple in signed in 2009.

According to this will, Amor will inherit everything.

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