Lauren Silverman could face R525 000 penalty

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15 November 2013

Lauren Silverman will face a R525 000 penalty if Simon Cowell goes near her son, Adam, due to a clause in the New York socialite's divorce settlement with former husband Andrew.

Simon Cowell's girlfriend will face a $50 000 (R525 000) penalty if the music mogul goes near her son.

The 54-year-old's partner, Lauren Silverman, will be subjected to a hefty fee if he’s in contact with seven-year-old Adam ? whom Lauren had with her former husband, Andrew Silverman ? due to a clause in the brunette beauty's divorce agreement with property developer Andrew.

According to although the agreement will only last until January 2015, if Lauren ? who’s currently pregnant with her first child with Simon ? violates the clause three times she will lose contact with the child until a court is able to intervene.

The settlement also states Andrew has a legal obligation not to rubbish Simon ? who had an adulterous relationship with Lauren ? and must make sure other people don't trash the X Factor boss in Adam’s presence.

In addition, Lauren and her former spouse both agree Adam should only refer to them as "mother" and "father" and the wealthy real-estate owner agrees to pay Lauren $3 000 (R31 500) a month in child support.

Although Andrew had initially included Simon's name as co-respondent when he filed for divorce from Lauren on the grounds of adultery, they have now changed the cause of divorce to "broken down irretrievably".

-Bang Showbiz

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