Leanne: I’m well on my way

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28 October 2011

She’s been making dreamcatchers from string, feathers, beads and wire since she was a child. And now that Leanne du Preez (21) has shed 15,5 kg of her 191,5 kg in just a few months with the help of YOU’s experts she can finally begin to weave her dreams into a new reality.

Her family and boyfriend are extremely proud of her and the progress she’s made.

“She’s not so moody any more. She no longer has reason to be angry at the world all the time,” her dad, Doep, whispers.

“When we go shopping I point to the 500-g bricks of butter and say, ‘You’ve already lost 31 of those. Keep it up,’” mom Lorraine says proudly.

Leanne chatted to YOU’s Pieter van Zyl at her parents’ home in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape about how her new eating plan and fitness regime has changed her life. Read more in YOU 3 November 2011.

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