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08 January 2013

This article was published in the 12 July 2012 issue of YOU. Have a look to learn more about the Teachers for Change project.

We know South Africa’s education system is under immense pressure. Many children don’t have access to quality textbooks and a lack of technology in classrooms means youngsters leaving school are often ill equipped to do jobs that require basic computer skills.

YOU would like to help change this by rewarding 12 driven South African teachers with technological and other resources that could change the way they teach. If you’re a learner or parent who knows of such a teacher – someone with spirit and positive energy, someone who will do whatever it takes to bring change and make a difference at their school with hard work – nominate him or her for the Teachers for Change project YOU will choose one winning teacher each month over a 12-month period to be rewarded with prizes to empower them to be even better teachers.

What teachers and schools win

  • An Apple iPad lab worth R120 000. Each lab will contain 20 iPads and their covers, with Wi-Fi and a 16 GB memory, a MacBook Pro laptop and a multi-adaptor, a projector and an iTunes budget big enough to download as many educational apps as the teacher might need.
  • Each teacher will receive an iPad to use in the classroom and for personal use, courtesy of iSchool-Africa.
  • Teachers will be trained to use an iPad as an educational tool and shown how to integrate it successfully into the South African curriculum.
  • Each teacher will also become part of the iSchoolAfrica iPad community, where they can share skills and best practice.
  • A needs analysis will be done by Oxford University Press of what the school needs in terms of textbooks and study guides.
  • R20 000 worth of textbooks, reading books, study guides and dictionaries will be supplied after the analysis.
  • Schools will also be included in the Oxford Focus School project which offers a range of benefits including teacher training workshops.

How to nominate a teacher

  • Schools, children and parents may nominate a teacher in their community.
  • It could be a primary, high, special needs, private or public school teacher – if the person is teaching and making a difference, we want to know about it.
  • In no more than 300 words provide specific reasons why the teachers you’ve chosen deserve to win, as well as why they should receive iPads as an educational tool for their class. List projects, specific examples and results the school, class or community has noticed, as well as how the iPads and books could help the teacher’s class.

Why iPads?

“The world is being revolutionised by the iPad and if SA’s children can’t experience it first hand, they’ll be left behind. We believe iPads provide new and engaging ways to learn and understand complex concepts. It helps kids to access, analyse and integrate information required to live, learn and work in the 21st century – essential skills for finding a job after school. iSchool- Africa is an organisation striving to give schools in Africa the best in educational technology and 100 schools in South Africa are using iPads. Teachers are noticing significant behavioural shifts in their learners such as increased attendance, motivation and involvement.”

– Michelle Lissoos, head of iSchoolAfrica

[The competition closed on 31 August 2012.]

Click here for the pdf version of this article.

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