Left with nothing but memories

His trademark warm, husky voice is reduced to a croak when he speaks about his son.

He’s devastated that his first-born child – the one who spoke like him, worked hard like him and wanted to be an actor like him – is gone at the tender age of 28.

On 1 April Scandal! actor Sello Maake ka-Ncube’s world came crashing down when he received a call to say his eldest son, Mxolisi, had died in a horrific car accident on Johannesburg’s M1 highway at 3 am. He was killed when the car in which he was a passenger rolled.

Sello had the painful task of identifying Mxolisi’s battered body at the state mortuary a day later. “I guess that’s life, hey,” the 51-year-old veteran actor says, still trying to come to terms with his loss.

“I recall holding him in my arms for the first time, watching him walk about the house. And now to face the reality that he’s gone . . .

“It’s hard for me as a parent. You always hope your children will bury you. Now it’s the other way around.”

Heartbroken Sello today is a far cry from the man who was bursting with energy just days before the accident.

Two days before the crash he met with YOU’s sister publication, Drum, to talk about how excited he was about becoming a grandfather to two of his children’s babies and how much he was enjoying his kids.

The stage and soapie actor, who plays shady businessman Daniel in Scandal!, was also writing a script for a play about a boxer in which he wanted Mxolisi to star.

“Mxolisi had already made enquiries to train at Durandt’s Boxing World,” he starts saying but his voice begins to trail off. “But now . . .”

Read more about it in YOU, 14 April 2011.