Legit Luvs Dineo (and they both love you!)

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27 April 2014

Dineo Ranaka wows with Legit collection

Dare we say that this is the fashion success of the year? It certainly seemed so when Dineo Ranaka revealed her winter 2014 collection for retailer Legit. Mc’s for the night were former Legit ambassadors Sade Giliberti and  Zizo Beda.  TV presenter, actress and 5FM DJ Thando Thabethe came  out to introduce Dineo.

Chiano Sky performed in cheeky plaid shorts that put the sizzle in sizzling!

Chiano Sky performing. Chiano Sky performing.

The collection was titled Monochromatic meets leopard print. With front row seats we got to see the clothing up close and personal. There were a lot of leather details on the skirts and sleeves, denim shirts with plaid elements and leopard print skirts and dresses that would make any wearer roar.  There was a beautiful white, necklace dress that looked perfect for a certain journalist...

We chatted to Dineo about her collection:

What was the inspiration behind the range and how did it come about?  The product that you see right now is a product of Legit and who they know their consumer to be.  It’s been a very fruitful and long creative process. The collaboration is a beautiful threesome, Dineo Ranaka, LuvDr Legit. They love me, I love them and we all love the consumer, the consumer loves us back. And we all love fashion. I do not see why it cannot possibly do well. That’s not coming from a place of arrogance that’s coming from a place of knowing what work went into this. How did it feel seeing your success tonight? When I walked out on the ramp for the first time and I saw the product and I saw the people. I was speechless, there are no words.

'There are no words to describe the moment you are living your dream, literally living the moments that you’ve dreamt about'

Any words to the girl that looks up to Dineo Ranaka

Don’t look up to me too much and have me as a role model. I’m only human, though I appreciate and value the fact that you do look up to me. But when your expectations of me are too high and I do something that disappoints you, you’re going to go through a young depression because you decided to turn me into a role model. The responsibility is too heavy. I say look at me as a normal simple human being and take elements of me that you like and incorporate them into your own life.

Well, there you have it, fashionistas, straight from the reigning queen of the cloth.

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