Lena Dunham has 'anxiety grooves'

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28 September 2014

Lena Dunham has “anxiety grooves”.

Lena Dunham has “anxiety grooves”.

The 28-year-old funny woman and Girls creator and star has penned a collection of personal essays on her struggle with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. And despite her success, the actress still wakes up feeling unsettled. "It's like, 'Oh, you again?'" she told People magazine. "I really love my life, but I've kind of worn anxiety grooves into my brain. It just doesn't always sound good in there." Lena’s collection of essays, entitled Not That Kind of Girl, will be released on September 30 and touch on the actress’s struggle to lose weight as she forged her way into Hollywood.

‘I really love my life, but I've kind of worn anxiety grooves into my brain’

"When I got out of college I thought, 'What am I gonna do? No one's gonna hire me, I'm a fat girl,” she opened up to People.

"My food intake was a hard thing to share publicly. A lot of my life and work is sort of about not succumbing to [those pressures], so it's a little painful to go, 'Oh but look, there was a time where this dominated every moment of every day.' "

While Lena may still have moments of “anxiety” she isn’t hung up focusing on her weight.

“I really feel good with my size now,” she said. “I know when I say that people are like, mm hmmm’, but I just do.”

Lena added she feels “special” now.

In 2012 the Tiny Furniture actress began dating Fun.'s lead guitarist Jack Antonoff. She previously called Jack her “creative role model” in a post on Twitter.

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