Lena Dunham: I wish I was getting married!

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15 November 2014

Lena Dunham would love to tell people she's getting married.

The American funnywoman shot to fame with her hit TV show Girls and has become well known for her honest portrayal of a twenty-something finding her way in the world. She's also recently published her first book, in which she recalls memories and lessons she has learnt over the years. Away from work duties she's loved up with fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, but admits the sound of wedding bells are a long way off - despite wearing her mother's engagement ring on the relevant finger. "[I have a ring which Jack] got me, but that's not an engagement ring either. I posted an image from my PhotoBooth and it had reversed, so it looked like I had a ring on my left finger, and all these people were like, 'YAY! ENGAGED!'" Lena told British magazine Grazia.

‘I have a ring which Jack] got me, but that's not an engagement ring either.’

"And even though I don't want to be engaged, I wished I could be like, 'Yes guys! The big news!' Because there is still the Thing. When someone gets engaged, it's like there's a big shiny thing on their finger, and everyone's screaming, 'You're a worthy human being, someone wants to marry you!'"

While there's no wedding on the cards right now, Lena also finds herself thinking about children.

The Golden Globe winner is 18 months away from hitting her 30th birthday, but is not ready to be a mother yet.

"I really want to [have kids]. I just want to do it at a moment where... As a working woman, it's not realistic that you shut down and pay full attention to you pregnancy every day, but I want to do it at a moment when I can really feel like I can be present and experience it," she explained.

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