Lena Dunham: Leave Bruce alone!

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26 April 2015

Lena Dunham is feeling "protective" of Bruce Jenner at the moment.

The former Olympic athlete is thought to be in the midst of transitioning into a woman, and has given an in-depth interview to Diane Sawyer, which is to air tomorrow.

There has been non-stop speculation surrounding Bruce's life, as well as his relatives', recently, such as rumours his daughter Kylie has had her lips enhanced. Lena has stepped up to defend the family, insisting people shouldn't be obsessing with their antics when there are more serious things affecting the country.

'the Kardashians are not the problem with America'

"Guess what I got news for you: the Kardashians are not the problem with America "Dear Stranger: if you're making unkind Bruce Jenner jokes you have me to answer to. I seriously feel protective this week (sic)" she wrote to her followers on Twitter. Lena also weighed in on the situation with Sofía Vergara, whose ex-fiancé Nick Loeb has filed a lawsuit, claiming she wants to destroy embryos they created together.

The actress has since rubbished the claims, while Nick has shared his desire to become a father. "Also, will I be in any legal/spiritual trouble if I punch Sofia Vergara's embryo-grubbing ex in the eye socket? "A WHOLE LOTTA RAGE on behalf of celebrities I have never met this week. (sic)" Lena added.

Lena is currently gracing the cover of Variety magazine as part of the publication's Power of Women Issue. With an empire under her belt since her award winning show Girls hit TV screens in 2012, the 28-year-old is in a good position to discuss her outlook on females in the business.

“When there’s an industry devoid of women, there’s a tendency for women to feel like they have to protect their spot, like there’s not enough room in town for both of us,” Lena says during her interview. “We need to break that down and support each other, because as my dad always says, ‘A rising tide lifts all boats.’?”

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