Leopard filmed licking, nudging baby impala

By admin
17 December 2015

A leopard which chased a herd of impala in the greater Kruger National Park area has been caught on video licking and nudging a newborn that had been left behind.

Patti Legg said the incident happened during a recent holiday to the Sabi Sands Reserve, which borders on the Kruger National Park. Her video was posted on the Latest Sightings website.

"We were privileged to have witnessed an incredible encounter between a female leopard and a newly-born impala," she told the website.

Their tracker initially spotted the leopard on the move. While turning their vehicle around, the predator began chasing a herd of impala.

"By the time we arrived at the clearing, we saw a panting leopard and a bewildered lamb. The mom evidently having escaped and leaving behind her newborn baby.”

The leopard half-heartedly stalked and pounced on the calf.

"This continued and each time the lamb would bleat back to the leopard, until amicably, together they shared a patch of shade in the day’s sweltering heat."

As they eventually left the scene, the leopard was "nudging and licking the lamb".

Latest Sightings mentioned similar incidents. A famous lioness in Kenya's Tsavo East National Park had adopted an oryx. In Botswana's Mombo Game Reserve, Legadema the leopardess also cared for a baby baboon.

Legg's ranger however suspected the female leopard was trying to lure her cubs to the scene, to teach them how to hunt an easy prey.


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