Let your lips flirt

By admin
26 October 2014

In this week’s make-up class we teach you about sexy lips. Unbalanced lips Apply concealing cream to your lipline with powder on top. Balance your lips by drawing a line just outside the thinner lip and just inside the fuller lip. Paint lipstick between the lines. Don’t forget your lip outliner. Full lips Cover your lips lightly with base to obscure the edge. Apply lip liner inside the lipline. Paint on lipstick, taking care not to go outside the line. Apply powder. Use medium shades with a soft finish to make lips look slightly thinner. Thin lips Enhance the appearance of your lips with colours in the medium tone range. To make a pout you must outline your upper lip to emphasise the “m”. To make your lips look fuller, outline just outside the natural edge of your lower lip. Paint on a strong lip colour for even more definition. Remember that glossy colours will make your lips look fuller and firmer. Small lips Broaden your smile by enlarging your natural lipline with lip pencil. Alternate the layers of pencil and lipstick, and avoid bright colours because too much gloss works like an optical eraser. Don’t wear lipstick that’s too dark because dark colours will make your lips look even smaller. Balance lips

Keep your lipline immaculate. Mistakes can be hidden with a touch of base or concealer. Round your lip pencil base off with a layer of lipstick or lipgloss.

Don’t be afraid to outline your lips – it gives more definition.

-          Compiled by Janine Nel

Source: elescosmetics.com, seventeen.com

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