Let’s go boating

By admin
29 December 2013

Holiday activity for today: Let the kids build their own toy boats.


Boat from avocado polystyrene holder and branch with leavesYou'll need

1 polystyrene avocado holder

dry branch, about 25 cm long


2 fishing sinkers, nuts, bolts or anything heavy

3 leaves

7 cm ribbon


strong glue such as Bostik

Here’s how

1 MAST Place the branch upright in

the avocado holder and secure with Prestik. 2 BALLAST Stick two sinkers, nuts or bolts into Prestik on either side of the mast. 3 sails Stick the leaves to the mast with Prestik. 4?SHIP’S flag Cut a triangle out of the ribbon to give it a flag shape. 5 Glue the flag to the toothpick. Stick it to the top of the mast. BARBIE BOAT

Boat from plastic water bottels containing 2 Barbie dollsYou'll need

2 plastic water bottles

large rubber bands

coloured tape such as insulation tape

craft knife

Here’s how

1 Remove the labels from the water bottles.

2 Place the bottles side by side and secure with the rubber bands. Use the coloured tape to bind them together, then remove the rubber bands.

3 Ask an adult to help with cutting oval openings into each bottle.The holes should be next to each other so your toys can sit comfortably side by side.

4 Recline your Barbie and a friend (or two action figures) in the boat and sail them across water.

Source: YOU Play Summer 2012/3

Art direction and stylist: Tina-Marié Malherbe

Production: Marianne Burke.

Pictures: Peet Mocke

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