Liam Hemsworth the 'dog whisperer'

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25 November 2014

Liam Hemsworth is known as a dog whisperer among the Hunger Games cast.

Liam Hemsworth is known as a dog whisperer among the Hunger Games cast. The actor stars as Gale Hawthorne in the film franchise, which also stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. The trio have become firm friends over the course of shooting, with Liam especially happy to share his pet wisdom.

'He's what I call a pet supremist'

"Liam always gives me dog advice. Which I don't actually ask for. He's what I call a pet supremist," Jennifer laughed to British magazine Heat.

Liam interjected: "Well, if your dog's gonna be an idiot and p**s everywhere and you're not gonna know what to do with it..."

"He's a whisperer, a dog whisperer," Josh laughed.

Jennifer eventually admitted Liam is good at training wayward hounds. However, she doesn't listen to his tips, as her pooch is too "cute" to tell off.

The group were quizzed on whether their friendship means they now do kind things for each other. Initially they insisted they don't, before the Oscar-winning actress admitted she does have a nice side.

"I did get Josh a helicopter drone for his birthday," she explained.

"I was worried he'd guess what it was, so I told him it was one of those remote control vacuum cleaners you control with your phone, and he believed me. So I was like, 'I'm just kidding - it's a helicopter!' But Liam and I don't really do anything nice."

That might not be strictly true, as it's claimed Jennifer and Liam have been growing close on the current publicity trail. The pair are both single at the moment and have sparked rumours they may be in the early stages of a romance.

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