Liam Neeson ‘like a kid in a toyshop’

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23 September 2014

Liam Neeson is like a “kid in a toyshop”.

Liam Neeson is like a “kid in a toyshop”.

The action star is known for his roles in Batman Begins, Taken and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. He has no shortage of adrenaline-pumping movies with Non-Stop having come out in February of this year and action-film A Walk Among the Tombstones hitting theatres September 19 while Taken 3 and Run All Night are scheduled for release in 2015. "It's like being a kid in a toyshop," the 62-year-old told People magazine. "They're offering them … I try and do the good ones. It's not going to last forever, so I'm hanging out while the sun's shining." While Liam is no stranger to playing the invincible hero on camera, he admits he can be a “wimp” in real life.

‘It's not going to last forever, so I'm hanging out while the sun's shining’

“I’m a wimp about heights. I just am,” he explained to the publication. "We're all just human, aren't we? Somebody might freak out over a snake or a spider. I don't – I pick spiders up and put them outside and stuff. But put me on a chair to fix a lamp or something and then, boom."

Apparently heights aren’t the only thing the actor finds intimidating. Liam is also wary of technology.

“It terrifies me,” he previously told British newspaper the Independent, holding up his older model Apple iPhone. “I’m fine with this but every month [my sons] are telling me to change to the latest version, and [I say], ‘Oh shut up.’ But now it’s playing up and I know they’ve put some gremlin in there, saying: ‘Oh, he’s had that phone for two years. It’s time.’ I swear, that’s what they do.”

Liam is father to Micheál (19) and 18-year-old Daniel, who he had with late wife Natasha Richardson.

“They pick up the technology off the ether,” he explained.

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