Lily Allen's daughters don't approve of her revealing outfits!

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12 November 2014

Lily Allen's daughter asked why she'd forgotten her clothes when the star wore a crop top.

The 29-year-old singer has two-year-old Ethel and 22-month-old Marnie with her husband Sam Cooper. Both take a keen interest in their mother's look, although her sartorial choices don't always go down that well. "No, but it probably should've done!" she laughed to British magazine Marie Claire, when asked if being a parent has changed her style.  

'Mummy, why you got no clothes on?'’

"On the first hot day of this summer, I went to Henry Holland's studio for a fitting. I was wearing a jumper because I hadn't surveyed the weather properly and I was absolutely dripping. He gave me this crop top to wear for my tour and I put it on and wore it home on the bus. My daughter came to the door when I arrived and said, 'Mummy, why you got no clothes on?' I thought... hmm, embarrassing mum. Ha ha!"

Lily hopes some of her outfits will appeal to her daughters when they are a bit older. Just in case that happens she has been careful to preserve her closet, even the weird bits which might not come back into fashion.

"Yes. And not even just expensive things - I'll keep these trousers I've got on because one of them might turn out to be a serial raver and might want to wear them," she said. "I get everything washed and de-mothed, wrap it in wax paper, vacuum pack it and put it in trunks."

Lily prides herself on being an accepting mum and likes her tots to express themselves. For that reason she doesn't plan on banning them from doing anything, explaining that she'd consider allowing them to have their ears pierced when they are ten.

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