Linda's top five covers of 2015

By Lindsay de Freitas
22 December 2015

22 January:

"We are still incredibly proud that there is a South African in the Monaco royal family. The birth of her twins also put an end to the constant rumours that Charlene was unhappy in her marriage to Albert and wanted to run away. YOU readers have also always loved her and the birth of her twins really cemented her position in the Monegasque royal family."

27 August:

"The Van Breda axe-murders really gripped South Africa! At the time there were all these rumours going around about who the killer was and what had really happened that night and it was a massive coup for us to get an exclusive story. The sister of the slain mother opened up to us and declared the Van Breda family don't believe Henri is the killer - which was a huge revelation! Added to this we also had a story on Oscar and what his new life and house arrest was like. Two strong news stories like these are absolute winners."

05 November:

"Both Kate and the Queen will always sell for us. Featuring them also appealed to our older and younger readers. We have a loyal readership of older royalists with stable incomes and she holds massive appeal for them. She is always a winner for us and works well every time we feature her on the cover."

10 December:

"These pictures of Charlotte were initially released online but our readers will still always expect us to run it. Many of our readers are also not on the internet, and would be seeing these pictures for the first time in YOU. But even those who saw it online know that we will put a new spin on the pictures, like run a side-by-side picture of Charlotte compared to baby pictures of Kate and William or something similar."

17 December:

"Heading towards Christmas means YOU has to compete with the many other festive looking glossies on the shelf - and this cover was beautiful. By fluke we also landed some strong news stories at the last minute. An insider revealed to us Oscar didn't think he was going back to prison, we had the scoop on the new Star Wars movie and also the amazing Prince Harry in Africa spread. This cover had something for everyone! So often when we put together a cover we always end up alienating some group, but this was really an example of when a cover has something for all our readers."

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