Lindsay Lohan ‘a complete mess again”

The 29-year-old Mean Girls actress has been arrested several times in the past and in May 2015 a judge released her from probation, making it the first time her life has not been overseen by the courts in around eight years.

But it’s claimed Lindsay has returned to her former ways, adopting behaviour that got her into trouble in the first place.

'Lindsay is back to partying non-stop'

"She is a complete mess again," an insider told Radar Online. "Lindsay is back to partying non-stop and she has cut almost everyone out of her life again. She has even changed her phone number."

Lindsay currently resides in London, England, but recently she has been seen out and about in other European countries. The outlet obtained an image of her in which she appears intoxicated as she departed a nightclub in Mykonos, Greece. Shortly after this picture was taken, she was photographed drinking wine with her boyfriend Mathia Milani in Italy.

Lindsay has been a patient at rehab centres for substance abuse several times in her life and it’s claimed some loved ones are no longer willing to engage in the star’s antics.

"Although her friends have given her so many chances, many of them are now done with her for good," the source noted. "It's sad, but if she keeps going the way she is, she will be lucky if she makes it to 40."

Reports first emerged Lindsay went off the rocker last month, with rumours suggesting she ran around a wedding naked while blaming her bizarre behaviour on being drugged.

However despite claims Lindsay is in a bad place, her mother Dina reportedly told Radar the hearsay couldn’t be further from the truth.

“She is happier than ever,” Dina said.

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