Lindsay Lohan taking sobriety 'seriously'

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20 March 2013

The actress slammed reports she recently tried to celebrate escaping a jail sentence at a nightclub.

Lindsay Lohan insists she’s taking her court-ordered rehab seriously.

The 26-year-old troubled starlet ? who accepted a last-minute plea deal on Monday that will see her undergo 90 days in a treatment facility, 30 days of community service and 18 months of psychotherapy stemming from a number of driving offences ? has hit back at reports she celebrated escaping jail by going out partying and claims she simply ordered sushi in her hotel.

Writing on her Twitter page on Tuesday, she assured her fans she plans to follow every aspect of her sentence, including orders from the judge to stay away from drug dealers and places where they’re likely to convene. She said: "Guys relax, that was NOT me at A/V or in the @mrpink SUV. I'm taking this seriously and focused on the road ahead. "I stayed in last night, after a pretty long day . . . and ordered sushi to my hotel.

"Don't believe EVERY little thing you hear, unless you hear it from me. The support I have gotten, has been great and means alot (sic)."

Lindsay was said to have tried to toast her freedom at Hollywood's AV Nightclub soon after the hearing, arriving in the back of a car belonging to her billionaire friend and the owner of Mr Pink, an energy drink.

The Canyons star tried to arrive at the venue unnoticed by covering herself with a blanket but never got out of the car and ordered her driver to take her home after 15 minutes because the paparazzi were taking pictures of her.

Lindsay pleaded "no contest" in relation to charges for lying to police about driving her Porsche when she hit a cement truck on the Pacific Coast Highway last June while still on probation for stealing a necklace.

According to the actress has already agreed to a number of club appearances to promote Mr Pink to pay back the company for letting her use their private jet to get to Los Angeles from New York for the court case.

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