Lindsay Lohan's rehab stay was free

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03 April 2014

Lindsay Lohan's health insurance company refused to pay her $150 000 (R1 599 000) rehab bill, so the clinic agreed to waiver the costs.

Lindsay Lohan's three-month rehab stay was free. The troubled actress - whose personal assistant has reportedly quit because she can't afford to pay him - spent three months at the upmarket Cliffside Malibu clinic last June. The facility agreed to foot the $150 000 (R1 599 000) bill in return for the publicity her stay would bring.

'She had a private room because she would never agree to have a roommate'

A source told "Health insurance wouldn't pay for the rehab stint because this was her sixth time in treatment."

"Cliffside Malibu comped it. Prior to arriving at Cliffside, Lindsay had been at Betty Ford and wasn't doing well there. Cliffside Malibu became available and agreed to allow her stay presumably because of the free publicity it gave them."

The 27-year-old star "thrived" at the facility, who gave her a private room, which costs a reported $73 000 (R778 180) for the stint.

The source added: "She thrived in the environment. She had a private room because she would never agree to have a roommate."

According to reports, the Machete star is in "dire financial straits", despite earning $2 million (R21 320 000) for her OWN reality series Lindsay.

A source said: "Only Lindsay could get paid such a large paycheque and once again be in dire financial straits. After Lindsay's manager, agent, publicist [and taxes] were paid... she was left with $750 000 (R7 995 000)."

"This was last year and Lindsay has never been able to save any money in her life. Her reality show has been sold overseas, but she will only get $250 000 (R2 665 000). That money gets divided up among her team and Lindsay is left with less than $100 000 (R1 066 000)."

It was reported earlier this week that Lindsay had two credit cards declined when she tried to pay a $300 (R3 198) bill at a New York store.

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