Lionel Richie: 'My daughter Nicole nearly killed me with her wild teenage antics'

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01 February 2016

Lionel Richie nearly died freaking out over the welfare of his daughter Nicole Richie when she was a teenager, revealing the worry caused drastic weightloss.

The 66-year-old All Night Long singer legally adopted 34-year-old Nicole, who is now a successful fashion designer, when she was just nine.

During her teenage years and into her twenties, the wild child partied hard and battled drug addiction, leaving Lionel suffering many sleepless nights.

"I will give you Nicole Richie as a daughter and you're going to be thin too," he told the New York Daily News when asked about his former wiry frame. "Her teenage years through her early 20s, damn near tried to kill me (sic)."

Lionel is also father to 17-year-old model Sofia, who he has begged her not to follow in her big sister's shoes.

"I have a gun... I am patrolling," he joked. "I told her, 'Nicole has already tried to kill me. Go back and talk to her and then don't do that. That's all. Don't do that to me because I'm getting older and weaker as time goes on'."

Lionel admits although he had a penchant for parties himself in his youth, his interest in going to nightclubs and living large has largely waned as he aged.

"I'm the guy who goes to Paris and instead of spending all day in clubs, I go to the bazaars and the fairs," he smiled.

Meanwhile, Lionel debuted his homeware line, Richie's Home Collection, at Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City this week, and, according to the star, many fans are surprised he has such a huge passion for crockery, cutlery, and furnishings.

"They were very shocked when I did Three Times a Lady, a waltz in the middle of the funk, and they were very shocked when I did All Night Long, disco, so what do we do to shock again?" he quipped, comparing his homeware collection to his past songwriting challenges.

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