Listen Baby, it's Mom!

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07 February 2010

She can’t stop beaming as she looks down at the precious little bundle nestling in her arms. Becoming a mother has changed 5FM DJ Sureshnie Rider’s world and she and husband Leigh can hardly contain their delight as they welcome us into their home in Boskruin, Johannesburg.

Sureshnie fusses over three-month-old Pavani Milan but the adorable infant has eyes only for her proud father.

“Seeing her and Leigh together makes me fall deeper in love with both of them every day,” Sureshnie says.

She explains Leigh came up with their daughter’s name, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “purest of the Ganges”. After their marriage three years ago Leigh converted and has been a practising Hindu since.

Pavani’s middle name also has special significance – Milan was where Leigh proposed to Sureshnie during the Italian Grand Prix in 2006.

They weren’t trying for a baby so Sureshnie (33) got the surprise of her life when she found out she was pregnant. Pavani was born on 30 August in the early hours of the morning at Garden City Hospital in Johannesburg.

Pavani, who was born weighing a hearty 3,2 kg, looks happy and healthy as she plays with her favourite toy, a little yellow duck.

If her dad, a mechanical engineer, has his way though she’ll grow up sharing his passion for cars and gadgets. Leigh (35), a devoted Formula One fan, has bought his daughter a Team Ferrari tracksuit and can’t wait for the day she can fit into it.

“She’s such a daddy’s girl,” says Sureshnie, stroking Pavani’s thick hair. “They already have such an amazing bond; it’s beautiful to watch.”

Her hardest motherhood moment so far was the day she returned to work four weeks after giving birth. “I couldn’t stop crying as I walked away from her,” she says.

These days Sureshnie finds it much easier to be separated from her daughter for a few hours every Saturday and Sunday because she knows their nurse, Sister Betty Mdlozi, will switch on the radio so Pavani can listen to her show.

“I’m convinced she recognises my voice,” Sureshnie says.

Although she and Leigh have their hands full at the moment they’re already thinking about expanding their family. Sureshnie is hoping for three more kids to round off Team Rider.

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