LISTEN: Full emergency calls between Henri van Breda and dispatchers

By News24 Wire
17 May 2017

Henri is accused of having 'giggled' in one of the calls.

On Wednesday the full '911' calls between Henri van Breda, the emergency operator and dispatchers were played in the Western Cape High Court.

Henri van Breda is on trial for the brutal axe attack at his home, which claimed the lives of his mother Teresa, father Martin and older brother Rudi on the 27 January 2015. His younger sister Marli survived the attack.

These are the five calls made that morning between Henri, emergency operator Janine Philander and SAPS and ambulance dispatchers:

First call form Henri to emergency operator Janine Philander

Emergency operator, Janine Philander calls SAPS

Three way call between Janine, SAPS dispatcher and Henri

Call between Janine and ambulance dispatcher

Three way call between, Janine, ambulance dispatcher and Henri

Additional source: News24

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