Literally pushing daisies! US company wants to turn human bodies in fertiliser

By admin
17 December 2014

A non-profit company in Seattle wants to become the first to supply a human compost service.

They're looking at using the corpses of deceased people to make fertiliser full of nutrients for flowers, trees and food crops.

"The idea is to fold the dead back into the city," says The Urban Death Project creator, architect Katrina Spade. "The options we currently have for our bodies are lacking, both from an environmental standpoint, but also, and perhaps more importantly, from a meaning standpoint."

Spade aims to have the project up and running within the next three years, but it certainly won't be simple. The project first has to acquire a licence to run an undertaking business, according to the licensing department in the state of Washington. They will also have to overcome zoning restrictions before the project can get under way.

But Spade is confident her ambitious undertaking will become a reality. "There will be some regulatory work to do, but I'm confident," she said. "People want this option."


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