Little boy pens heartrending Christmas letter to his late dad

By Shanaaz Prince
24 December 2016

He attached it to a balloon to get it to his daddy in heaven.

The festive season is a time for family, love and kindness.

That's what Stuart McColl, from Fife in Scotland, is hoping to give to a young boy -- if he can find him.

Stuart stumbled across a note attached to a balloon in a field in Dunfermline. To his surprise, the letter was from a boy to his father.

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In the beautifully decorated note, dated 1 December 2016, the youngster writes:

“Hi dad, just writing you a letter to tell you I’m missing you and tell you news!

“I’m sure you know I’m in foster care cause mom is sick and my ear is blocked from Monday. Tomorrow we’re leaving.

"I really miss school and you. I know you are up in heaven but are you safe? Oh ya before I go here’s my dream and Xmas list..."

“My dream is for you my daddy to put a note under my pillow that you wrote.

“My xmas list: boots/studs, Astros, rebounder net, new Premier League ball, Real Madrid kit.”

“Bye daddy love you.”

Stuart has been on a mission to track down the little boy ever since finding the note, The Mirror reports.

"It's a bit of an ambitious thing to do but the story seems to have touched quite a few people already," Stuart wrote on Facebook.

"Everyone's getting involved and we've already had people wanting to donate to get these gifts.

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"But we just need to find this child first! They seem to really like football that's for sure!

"It really is the dream to find the person who wrote this note. It's quite a unique story so hopefully someone knows something."

Additional sources: The Sun, Huffington Post, the Mirror

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