Little girl begs for justice after mom's suicide - by offering up her piggy bank

01 July 2017

She begged a policeman to prosecute her dad’s family for driving her mother to suicide.

A five-year-old girl smashed her piggy bank and handed its contents to a police officer as she begged him to prosecute her dad’s family for driving her mother to suicide.

The heart-breaking scene was played out in Meerut in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Maanvi Kaushik gave her piggy bank to police inspector general Ramkumar when she and her family visited the police station following her mother’s suicide.

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Her mother Seema married her dad Sanjeev Kaushik in 2012.0.

But they stayed together for just a year before constant arguments saw Seema move with Maanvi back to her parents’ home.

Seema filed cases against her husband and his family, who she said was harassing her, but no action was taken.

According to local media, when she went to the police station just three days before she died, an inspector told her: "Go and commit suicide and then your husband might be arrested!"

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He is believed to have intended the comment as a joke but it seems Seema followed his instructions.

After she killed herself, her relatives accused five people, including Sanjeev, of having pushed her to commit it.

The other four were his parents and two brothers.

Police say only Sanjeev has been arrested.

Maanvi came to the police station with her maternal grandfather Shanti Swarup and his brother Rohit.

It was then that the heartbroken little girl is said to have smashed her piggy bank and pressed her life savings into the officer’s hands as payment to take action against the people she sees as having caused her mother’s death.

piggy bank (2)

Inspector General Ramkumar reportedly gave the girl back her money and assured her and her relatives that appropriate action would be taken.

The form of harassment against Seema was not reported and it’s unclear what further action had been taken to investigate her in-laws.

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