Little K is here

By admin
21 June 2013

A tiny star is born into the fishbowl world of Kim and Kanye – with all the drama you’d expect

So the newest addition to the world’s most famous reality show family is here – a little early, a little small and somewhat preceded by drama. But what else would you expect of a Kardashian? Sounds like the kid is going to fit right in.

Baby K was also born just in time for Father’s Day, prompting proud grandma Kris Jenner to tweet “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY @kanyewest!!!!!!”. The family matriarch then arrived at the hospital to see the new- born and the new parents, carrying brown shopping bags and a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Inside the Cedars-Sinai hospital Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were holed up in their $4 000 (R40 000) a night private suite. Their tiny daughter, born five weeks early and weighing less than 2,2 kg, spent her first days on Earth in an incubator.

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