Little Prince Charming

By admin
02 August 2013

The sight of him won royal fans over instantly–andPrinceGeorge had better get used to the attention! In this celebratory issue we look at the life that awaits Kate and Will’s first child and the joy and frenzy that surrounded his birth

Not even the first public appearance of his father 31 years ago was so closely scrutinised, so minutely analysed, so globally feasted upon.

George Alexander Louis – Prince of Cambridge, firstborn son of William and Catherine and third in line to the British throne – had no idea how eagerly his first foray into the world outside his hospital room was awaited.

His image – eyes scrunched against the glare, hands flailing as he mewled in brand-new discontent – was beamed to all corners of the world as the overwhelming bank of media members recorded the moment for posterity.

Then the little prince was gone, whisked off to start a childhood that will be undoubtedly privileged yet also as normal as his parents can possibly make it.

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