Live your life today – but prepare for tomorrow

By admin
29 June 2012

Everywhere you go you’re told you need to eat better, be more active, stress less and get more sleep. These are the things you’re expected to do before you can get life insurance.


At Hollard we don’t expect you to be perfect. We know there’s no such thing as a perfect life. We want you to live your best life, and if that means you don’t have the BMI of a triathlete we’re okay with that. We’re not here to judge you or your lifestyle. We just want you to be prepared for the unexpected things life can throw at you.

We want to ensure the people who depend on you can carry on living the life you planned for them even when you’re not around. We don’t believe your lifestyle should prevent you from being able to provide financial security. That’s why our life-insurance policies are the most inclusive in the industry – we actively find reasons to insure you instead of making excuses why we can’t.

“You don’t want to burden your family with your debts or leave them without financial security. A professional financial adviser will help you find the best life insurance choices based on your needs. Life cover provides you with peace of mind so you can get on with living”

-- Ryan Chegwidden, head of product at Hollard Life

Who needs life insurance?

If your spouse or partner, kids, business partner, parents or siblings rely on you financially you need life insurance.

Will life insurance make my beneficiaries rich?  

No, it’s there to make sure they’re financially taken care of after you pass away. It helps them maintain their lifestyle, deal with expenses, debt, lost income and future living expenses.

How much cover do I need?

Ask yourself: how much of a monthly premium can I afford? How much will it cost my dependents to pay off debt? What will they need to maintain their lifestyle? A financial adviser can help figure out your needs, especially if you have unusual debts, a growing family, a change in your standard of living, a big career move or if you’re self-employed.

What’s the difference between lump-sum and income payouts?

A lump-sum death benefit pays out a lump amount when you pass away, which is generally used to cover immediate expenses such as settling debts. An income death benefit makes monthly payments to help dependents cope financially without you. It’s useful for people who don’t know how to manage a large sum of money. A combination ensures that your dependants can have the life you always planned for them.

Talk to your financial adviser, SMS your name to 32565, go to and let’s find the perfect life insurance for you (no matter how perfectly imperfect you are) from just R200 per month.

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