Living your best life

By admin
05 January 2015

Nobody ever said being a teenager was easy but there are some ways to make it a smoother ride! The key to happiness means doing things to improve your own situation, like taking care of yourself. Here are five areas you can look at to live your best life


Urgh! Why? Exercise gives you more energy, releases feel-good endorphins and gives your mind a break from daily life. Plus, abs like an ironing board? Not a bad thing!

- Start slow. No one is asking you to run a marathon just yet. Start with something light and easy, such as taking your dog for a walk.

- Mix sport and pleasure. If you love the outdoors, join a hiking club; if you’re more of a water babe, join the swimming team at school – or the rowing club, if your school has one.

- If you’re a TV addict or a videogame fanatic you can still get fit! Do exercises in front of the screen and set goals for yourself (such as 20 push-ups before the ad break ends). If you’re into games, play the more interactive ones where you have to get physically involved.

- Dance! It’s good for you and who doesn’t love it?!


Urgh! Why? Eating healthily is not just about losing weight – it gives you energy and makes you feel well and strong.

What’s wrong?Eat thisThe sciency bit
I can’t concentrate“Brain foods” such as fish, soya beans and pumpkin seeds

Wholegrain bread, cereal and pasta


These foods are rich in vitamins C and K which prevent blood clotting, build strong bones, prevent heart disease and build your immune system.
My whole body hurtsFish

Walnut oil

Omega-3 fats found in these are good for joints
I feel sad all the timeBeetroot

Dark chocolate (yummy!)

Beetroot’s iron content means it can help fight fatigue and studies have shown dark chocolate may help to lower stress levels.


I’m always sickStrawberries

Citrus fruits



These foods are rich in vitamin C, which boosts your immune system so you can fight off sickness. Vitamin C also promotes healing of cells and allows us to better deal with stress.
My skin looks terrible!Nuts and seeds


Vitamin E found in these foods gives you a great, glowing skin.

The three rules

1. Avoid fizzy, sugary drinks

Rather drink water – it’s great for helping detox your body.

2. Never skip breakfast

Eating it means you’re less likely to snack on junk food. But that doesn’t mean you must skip lunch or dinner!

3. Choose the healthy option (at a unhealthy place)

Of course you’re going to occasionally visit fast-food places with your friends (and that’s okay!) but don’t always choose the high-fat options. Most places have healthier choices on the menu.


Making friends can be daunting when faced with a new group of people.

- Smile and laugh. Friendliness attracts friends so if you’re the sulky kid on your phone in the corner, you’re not going to seem welcoming to potential buddies.

- Join a club/team or get a weekend job. By placing yourself in an environment of your choosing, you’ll usually find people you have things in common with.

- Don’t wait for people to come up to you – go up to them. Start chatting and allow people to get to know you. If you’re not sure what to talk about, ask them questions about themselves.

- Once you’ve found someone in a group you like, suggest you do something casual together and get to know them better.


You probably feel like there’s no one in the world more annoying than your siblings – but they’re the people who often have your back. And they usually forgive you for shouting those nasty words as you slam your bedroom door (probably because they do the same thing to you!)

- Don’t hold onto the past. You may still be angry with your brother for operating on your dolls when you were little, but holding it against him doesn’t serve either of you.

- A sibling is a built-in bestie – you don’t even have to go out to meet them! Think of how much happier you’d both be if you chose to be mates instead of enemies.

- Sarah Chaimowitz


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