Liz Hurley: I'm a cry baby

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19 March 2015

Liz Hurley cries every day.

The actress doesn't have too much to be sad about right now - she has a regal role as Queen Helena in US show The Royals. However, that doesn't stop the 49-year-old getting sentimental on a very regular basis.

"Oh, I cry all the time," she assured British magazine Stylist. "I cry probably once a day. It could be at the news or something sad, or I could just cry. My mother and father did too.

'It could be at the news or something sad'

"It's not lying on my bed distraught sobbing, that doesn't happen too often, but sometimes you do need to give yourself the chance to release.

"I read The Goldfinch recently, which is about a boy who loses his mother. Even though it's a fabulous book, it was torture for me to read."

When she's not getting tearful, Liz is worrying about her irrational fear of sink cupboards, which she puts down to disliking "wet wood".

But before anyone can accuse her of being a drip, she puts forward her tough stance for dealing with the celebrity lifestyle.

"I'm not very introspective, so I've never really been plagued by doubts or insecurities. I've never thought I've taken the wrong path," she explained.

"Perhaps some people have more of a sense of entitlement, which means that they're not so good at rejection. But I started out with nothing; my parents didn't have money, I didn't have a private education, so I had to be tough."

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