Liz, you’ve been Warned!

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24 December 2010

He's been called a lot of things over the years, many of them unflattering, but Shane Warnemust have hidden charms because he clearly knows how to charm a woman.

Supermodel Elizabeth Hurley was red-faced and had a lot of explaining to do after being snapped exchanging passionate kisses with the former spin wizard and sneaking into his London hotel for steamy trysts.

It’s all rather flabbergasting. For a start Liz is married. Then there’s the fact she and Shane seem to have so little in common: she’s a prim and proper English rose and he’s a foul-mouthed, brash, chainsmoking Australian.

Yet love works in mysterious ways. From the moment the unlikely pair first met in July at a British horseracing event they were enthralled.

Since then they have flirted via e-mail and Twitter and when Shane visited the UK recently their chemistry resulted in a full-blown love affair.

Initially shy about seeing him again Liz insisted on bringing her ex-boyfriend, Hugh Grant, along on their first date at a trendy restaurant for dinner. The actor spent most of the evening feeling like a third wheel because Liz (45) had eyes only for Shane (41), who has lost a lot of weight since his retirement in 2007.

As they left she made her move, brazenly pulling the cricketing legend into a darkened doorway where she cupped his face in her hands and kissed him, oblivious to the tabloid photographer standing nearby.

When their taxi arrived the lovebirds jumped in and headed to Shane’s £1 750-a-night (about R17 500) suite at the Bentley Hotel, South Kensington, less than 2 km from the home Liz shares with her husband, Arun Nayar, and son, Damian (8).

It was well after 9 am the next day when the Estée Lauder model left. But she didn’t stay away long; five hours later she returned, immaculately dressed and clutching an energy drink and designer bag that appeared to be stuffed with clothes. She and Shane remained holed up in his suite until 9 pm when they emerged and caught a taxi to a nearby restaurant where they were seen sharing lingering kisses.

“They looked completely smitten and blissfully happy together,” an onlooker says.

They went back to Shane’s hotel, emerging 11 hours later when the Aussie, who is now a cricket commentator and TV talk-show host, had to catch a flight home.

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