Local celebs talk about inspiring women

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08 August 2011

On 9 August 1956 thousands of South African women participated in a national march to protest against pass laws.  And today we celebrate their courage.

We asked a few local celebrities: Who is the most influential woman in your life?

Janez Vermeiren:

My mother, Kristien Vermeiren, because she supports me with everything and is a real pillar of support when it come a to advice or decisions. Also my girlfriend, Juliana who keeps my house a home and cares for my dogs and son, Matisse, while I gallivant around the world.

Mark Pilgrim:

That would be my 16 month old daughter, Tayla-Jean! She has me so wrapped around her finger I'll do anything for her. (See photo on left)

Ryan Botha:

In my case I'm lucky enough to have two women looking out for me. My mom and my girlfriend Gina are the most influential women in my life. They both always help me make the right decisions. I truly believe women are the neck that turns the head in any relationship. They say behind every good man is an even better woman.

Elana Afrika:

O wow! I have three. My mother, Doreen Morris and Edith Venter. I call all three of them mom. Each of them have encouraged me and believed in me.

Tamara Dey:

By far My mother Susan Dey. While I was growing she made many brave choices so that I could have a better life! She is completely selfless. I try to make the sane bold choices in my life and be as brave as she is.

Nico Panatagio:

My mom and Christi. The Old cliché of marrying a woman of similar character to your mom is very true in my case. Since my mom passed away, Christi!

Bailey Schneider:

I am surrounded by strong, powerful, humble, confident, graceful, caring, kind, honest people in my life from my family, to my group of friends. There are three women in my life that I couldn't imagine life without. My mom Jenny Schneider and my sister Tandi Schneider and my best friend and soul sister Karolina Sky. They are so wise and inspiring and are always there to lend a helping hand, an ear or a shoulder. I've always said they should write a book because the advice they've given me in life, love, career, family and humanity is inspiring and should certainly be shared.

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