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31 December 2010

He baths the doll-like baby, combs her hair, gives her a bottle and looks at her tenderly as she’s drinking. “My gorgeous,” he says.

Nicky van der Walt (30), the fearless polo player who until recently was one of the most eligible bachelors in South Africa, is hardly recognisable in his new role. It’s clear he turns into putty every time baby Gia, his pretty daughter, fixes her eyes on him.

Gia unmistakably inherited the beauty of her model mom, Lee-Ann Liebenberg (28), who has often been voted the sexiest woman in the country.

As the couple coo over Gia, who was born on 25 October 2010, I find myself marvelling at so much beauty. The baby has perfect features, and looking around at her Dior crib decked out in silk it’s clear only the best is good enough for this little princess.

Inside the Baby Dior travel bag, for example, there’s an exquisite designer outfit. It’s one of many now packed into boxes ready for the family’s move from Parkhurst to Sandton. The stylish items in the baby’s wardrobe were mostly bought in glam destinations such as St Tropez, Monaco, Paris and London.

Fittingly the infant princess is about to get her very own castle. Mom and dad’s new home is the original homestead of Zand­fontein Farm, where Sandton is today.

“It’s a family home with a big garden for Gia,” Nicky says. “The gables are 147 years old and there are 12 jacaranda trees. The nursery is decorated with imported Ralph Lauren wallpaper and there’s an antique French baby bed. We’re privileged to be able to give her these things.”

Gia’s name means “God’s grace”. “It’s an amazing grace she has come into our lives,” Lee-Ann says. “I can’t imagine life without her.”

But she won’t be an only child. They’re planning to expand their family soon. “We hope to have three children one day,” Nicky says.

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