Look flawless at 40!

By admin
02 July 2013

Try these beauty tips for those 40 years and older.

The basics: keep foundation light, look for hardworking products that will let you get on with your busy day, and make time for pampering. 

  • Buy a cream-based blusher (moist to the touch) in a peachy or pinky shade and apply it on the apple of your cheeks to add life and colour. It doubles as a lip cover so it's great for your make-up bag and easier on the pocket. - Debbie Jean, make-up artist for Gloss Artist Management and creator of realwomenmakeup.com
  • Skip the heavy foundation. It makes skin sallow and thick make-up settles in fine lines and wrinkles, making them look deeper. Apply concealer then foundation. Mineral powder allows skin to breathe and provides it with nutrients. Powder the T-panel but stay away from under the eyes. - Joanna Butt, make-up artist for Gloss Artist Management
  • Move away from intense black eye pencils under the eyes. Dark brown pencils or shadows are more flattering. - Linda O'Connell, make-up artist for Maybelline, represented by Infidels

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